Friday 18 December 2015

Freebie: Paper-cup Owl

Hi everyone, doing a paper craft may be a little difficult task in real life and thinking of doing it in a 3D Software(Blender)!! Got the idea for the scene, modeled the object's and then here comes the question what kind of   shader should we apply to get the paper like material.  Want to know the shader for paper material then  it's here the project files for the awesome cool Paper cup Owl is now available free. You can make use of the blend file and with the help of node setup learn how to create paper like material.

Hope you like it :)

Happy Blending!!

If you any queries related with the blend file post that in the comment box.


Download Blend File
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  1. thank you look well! may i download it ?

  2. Yep you can download it :) it's free to use :) Hope you like it :)


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